We have pursued new technology in a number of markets, always bringing game-changing insights to bear, using chemistry fit for humankind.  We’re always interested in how we can put these ideas to work, so don’t be shy about approaching us about any of these fields, or any other puzzles you may have that might yield to some lateral thinking.

Some of our past innovations include:

  • Multi-Component Flame Retardant systems for fabrics – uses the proximity of mixed fiber systems to use baking-soda-and-vinegar chemistry to replace harsh chemicals.  Gives a way to flame retard all that nylon in sporting goods and rain gear, and a way to flame retard cotton.  We can even make fire-barriers for mattress covers.  US Patent 7547650.
  • Lignin conversion to thermoplastics to eliminate 350 billion lbs/yr of greenhouse gases.  We can make “whiskers” which is the first step to making spun fibers, but the first application is probably making asphalt out of this paper plant waste, instead of petroleum.  Patent work in progress.
  • Biodiesel improvements including removing sulfur from brown grease feedstocks.  We’re pushing a business plan taylored to municipalities.
  • Glycerin refining, giving a low-cost crystal clear alternative to distilled USP grade product.
  • Treatment of aluminum slag from recycling operations to use as fillers in cement for cinderblocks and stepping stones.
  • Algae farming rather than harvesting.


More About Business Plans:

Missing Octave Insights is all about helping local entrepreneurs to create small businesses based on green technology in our community.

We are spitting out a lot of proposals and plans here – ideas that could form the kernal of a business.  Some of them we have a proprietary stake in, some we have special expertise or tools that could help make the plan happen.  Others we don’t have what it takes to move on with them, but perhaps you do.

Always, I suggest you talk with us before sinking a lot of time or money into one of these ideas.  There are probably more details that what gets onto the blog.  Better yet, I hope this blog becomes a forum for discussing these and other ideas, and becomes a vehicle for forming groups to pursue these ideas.  We’d like to see all these things come to fruition, and make somebody a nice living.  Usually, the missing element is somebody who believes in the particluar idea enough to dedicate a part of their life to making it happen.

We’re in the business of helping you do this.  Reach out and let’s see what we can do together.  Welcome aboard.


Capabilities and Resources

Sorry, the lab is closed.  The remaining tools and instruments are boxed.  Please contact us if you need technical assistance.



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