MOI Labs Catch Phrases to Live By

Green is a Given.
— We will make the best environmental choices, based on sourcing, exposure, and end-of-life.
— We will make the most socially responsible choices based on local economy, transportation and jobs, living wages and fair trade practises.

We’ll Make it Right.
— We will create good products.
— We will correct whatever Murphy’s Law throws our way in the business of orders, delivery, and customer satisfaction.

The 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
— We will look for the best sources, sustainable and recycled when possible.
— We will collect and reuse the containers.
— We will refurbish equipment instead of buying new.
— We will make the best choices based on end-of life.

Keep Moving Forward.
— Recognize that we must start at the beginning.
— Recognize that everything can be improved.
— Always look for the better choice.
— Be our own replacement.
— Criticism is a glimpse of a way to improve and should be cherished.



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