Foundering Valley – Table of Contents

I invested quite a lot of energy into developing a web of characters and plots for a role playing campaign, then Covid-19 hit and I had no players.  My friends had started a few interesting characters, and it seemed such a waste, and so, I decided to just use this as the basis of a Swords & Sorcery serial novel.

WARNING: This is a work in progress.  I have a number of chapters ready to upload, but more will not be written unless I hear from you, the fans, showing that you’re interested. There are too many good projects out there to pursue them all.  TOC below shows what I’ve written so far and I’ll link them as I upload them.

FYI – the events in this story follow the roleplaying system “guidelines” also published on this web site.

I want to encourage anyone reading to suggest next moves for the adventurers, particularly anyone who started a character. Or if you wish to ‘animate’ one of the adventurers still on the beach (including one of the 6 pictured in Chapter 12).

The Foundering Valley

by Dr. Gerald Keep


            And so the word went out – an ancient ruin had been found in the mountains far west of The City, with unexplored catacombs beneath. It promised something different to everyone, be it knowledge, treasure, adventure, or danger. And so the preparations began. Warriors looked to their equipment, and their comrades to decide whom they would fight or die beside. Wizards began to build up powerful stores of manna in their wands and staves. Historians dusted off ancient tomes and looked for clues to hidden mysteries. Merchants counted their coins and beefed up their inventories, knowing that all the others would pay them for equipment and supplies to pursue their goals. Few paid heed to the troubling rumors about the small village, Founder’s Valley, that rested on the principle route across the mountains and squarely in the path to this oasis of dreams.

Chapter 1 – The Caravan

Chapter 2 – The Town Meeting

Chapter 3 – The Adventurers

Chapter 4 – The Town (Cleo & Rufus) & Maps of Valley and Town

Chapter 5 – The Beach and Uptown (Animus)

Chapter 6 – Market and Cathedral (Sapphire & Grace)

Chapter 7 – Town Offices and Shops (Flummox & D-Stract)

Chapter 8 – The Fishing Huts (Cleo & Rufus)

Chapter 9 – Back at the Inn & Historic Timeline Summarized

Chapter 10 – Loose Ends in the Morning

Chapter 11 – The Yellow Brick Road Experts

Chapter 12 – Thursday Evening, June 5

Chapter 13 – Friday Morning, June 6

Chapter 14 – Friday Afternoon, June 6

Chapter 15 – Friday Evening, June 6 — The Party

Chapter 16 – Friday Night, June 6 — Camping Out



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