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Christmas Distractions

                                    Christmas Distractions                             by Gerald Keep, November 9, 2021 {Trigger Alert – This is not my usual work – it is meant to be a tear-jerker – the struggle of an introvert to deal with an overwhelming grief.}             Marvin Ringold chose to be outside in the cutting cold December night, beneath the threatening clouds.  … Continue reading

Foundering Valley – Chapter 22, Sunday Morning Service, June 8

Chapter 22 – Sunday Morning Service, June 8  Grace and the two elves were the only ones that roused themselves to face Spamwich’s latest breakfast. It consisted mainly of a fishy paste with herbaceous green flecks through it, atop a baked slab that seemed to be a cross between bread, biscuits, and old shoe leather, … Continue reading

MOI Labs Shutting Down

It is with a heavy heart, but a bit of relief, that I’m letting you all know that MOI Labs, Inc. will be shutting down at the end of 2015. We appreciated the opportunity to bring the community our green technology products, but we never had the resources to really develop the market; sales never … Continue reading

SLS vs. Soap

I write this not as a health expert, but as a concerned business owner trying to make green choices. SLS or Sodium Laurel Sulfate is an alternative to soap (or detergent), and is found in many, many products that most people use.  It is in Dawn dishwashing soap and most shampoos.  Now, there is some … Continue reading

Tesla’s Nightmare

Okay, so imagine we collect solar energy on the bright side of the planet and, lacking adequate battery technology, we wire it to the dark side of the planet for their use too.  This continues as the Earth turns, with huge amounts of electrical current going round and round the equator daily.  Do this on massive … Continue reading

About our name

Missing Octave Insights, Inc, is an S-corporation based in Jonesborough TN.  Our latest mission is to facilitiate community-based green enterprises in this area.  We hope you will become a part of it. But first, some history.  I was brought up believing that I was born with special gifts (as we all are) and that if I did … Continue reading

Welcome to www.MissingOctave.com

If you went to http://www.MissingOctave.com and found yourself here, and you wonder why, read on. The history of our website evolution has been a prime example of planned obsolescence.  I began using Frontpage and a domain hosted on Yahoo.com to create the original http://www.MissingOctave.com website.  It has copies of our resumes, discussion of our scientific developments, photos … Continue reading

Our Herbal Irritant

Here at MOI Labs, we’re trying to find better, greener alternatives to the way things are done now.  One biggie is the use of very strong herbicides, some persistant and get into your garden compost, some that kill bees and other beneficial insects. There is a recipe floating around the internet, which is mostly vinegar, … Continue reading

Now seeking investors

Now seeking investors in a Green Technology Development company.  After a long R&D period, Missing Octave Insights, Inc. is ready to advance our business plans.  Short term focus is rolling out green cleaning supplies, floor finishes, and renewable paper products to replace harsh chemicals used in the Tri-Cities TN area.  We are also refurbishing used … Continue reading

One of my Heros

I must recommend to you the person whose own blogging activity inspired me to take up this thread.  Over the course of 2 years she has written countless articles about the simplicity movement, local food sourcing, environmentalism, gardening, and a host of practical advise.  She is a truly inspiring leader and has been involved with … Continue reading

Blog and Writing History

I was 8 years old when I told my Dad I wanted to be a writer, and he told me I had to do some living before I’d have anything to write about.  My next writing project to see the light of day was my PhD Thesis (Physical Chemistry), and the papers that spun off … Continue reading