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Taking A Stand

Given the events of this year, there have been growing calls to take a public stand on the issues of the day. The world is becoming aware of the corruption of those in power and the racism of much of the public, but these things are not new to me. Of course I support those … Continue reading

Ultimate Oatmeal Cookies

ULTIMATE OATMEAL COOKIES Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/3/2019             Wonderful if you like oatmeal, and you can almost convince yourself they are a healthy snack. Certainly better for you than most cookies! I actually entered this recipe in a contest called “Search for the Ultimate Oatmeal Cookie”. I didn’t win, but I entered it! … Continue reading

Spaghetti / Sauce

FAMOUS SPAGHETTI SAUCE Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/4/2019             This is my current version of Famous Spaghetti Sauce. It may differ from Nic’s version of Famous Spaghetti Sauce because mine has drifted over the years. This still brings in people for our church service auction. Don’t eat too much though, you need to know … Continue reading

Snow Balls / Pecan Sandies

SNOW BALLS / PECAN SANDIES Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/6/2019             Nic’s absolute favorite growing up, and possibly still. Also the only cookie Nic likes that has nuts in it. These could be made as flat cookies without rolling them in powdered sugar, in which case they’d be just plain pecan sandies – not … Continue reading


PIZZA Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             I’ve made a pizza a lot of different ways over the years, and this is my favored balance between ease of use and excellence. My preferred dough is Pillsbury in a tube, that you get in the refrigerated section. The difference between thin and original crust is … Continue reading

Mulled Apple Cider

MULLED APPLE CIDER Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             Traditionally mulled cider had over 6% added sugar which is fine for fattening the kids up before winter flu season. For adults it’s a little much, though. This recipe omits the sugar and we all think it’s just fine. For one QUART apple juice 1 … Continue reading


MEATLOAF for SUPPER Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             First thing to realize is, if you’re going to have the oven on for over an hour, don’t waste it. You’ll want to roast some root vegetables along side the meatloaf.             Set the oven to preheat to 350 and then decide what you’re cooking … Continue reading

Loaded Escalloped Potatoes

LOADED ESCALLOPED POTATOES Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/3/2019             This was my favorite as a kid. If you’re going to go to the trouble to ‘scallop (the E is silent) potatoes, you need to go whole hog and add onions, ham and cheese. The ratios of potato, milk, and flour are out of recipe … Continue reading

Deviled Eggs

DEVILED EGGS Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             This is my go-to recipe for potlucks. They disappear fast, and don’t generally require a planning run to the grocery store. Start by boiling 3” of water in the pot with largest footprint you can get. Wait until it is roiling, not just a few bubbles. … Continue reading

Cole Slaw

COLE SLAW Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/3/2019             You may disdain that little bit of slime they put on the side in restaurants, sometimes acidic and sour, sometimes overly seasoned, unreliable and uninteresting. You may eat it anyway for the roughage.             Here is what we do and just love it, and it’s actually … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies

CHRISTMAS COOKIES Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 12/3/2019             Of course there are all kinds of (lower case) “christmas cookies” but there is only one “Christmas Cookie” recipe for frosting. Well, actually there are quite a few. The one printed here is what we use to give a tough-as-nails rigid cookie suitable for painting with … Continue reading

BBQ Ribs

BBQ RIBS Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             Ribs are somewhat daunting but if you have half the afternoon in the house, these can be wonderful – and about the cheapest meat you can get. Rich though, very rich. We’re talking “country style” pork ribs here, but in Texas you might have beef. While … Continue reading

BBQ Chicken

BBQ CHICKEN Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             Chicken is tricky to get just right; you have to make sure the middle is not raw, but the outside is not burnt. I don’t have the patience to stand over a grill for an hour of low, slow cooking, so this is the process I’ve … Continue reading

Acorn Squash

ACORN SQUASH Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019             A delicious and easy-to-prepare but incredibly overlooked vegetable. Acorns have a tough corrugated hide, so you can’t peel them. Cut them in half with a cleaver and scoop out the seeds and yucky, stringy stuff with a CUTCO™ ice cream scoop. Stab the inside surfaces maniacally … Continue reading

Gerald Keep’s Mask Design – best yet 5/4/2020

Start with two pieces of fabric roughly 7.5” x 11”.  The white one is a high thread-count tight woven linen, which should provide the majority of filtration in this design.  There are possible adaptations that could allow an insert of a disposable filter layer. Sew around the edges leaving a small gap (left, bottom edge). … Continue reading

Mountain Man

Gerald Keep – 10/25/2018 Sometimes I look at the rolling ridges of Tennessee and take pride in my mountain heritage. But my childhood memories were not of these soft green hills, but of the higher, jagged teeth of the exposed formations out West. My ancestors homesteaded in what is now Rocky Mountain National Park. I … Continue reading

Our Chosen Adventure: Adoption

Our Chosen Adventure: Adoption Gerald T. Keep, 8/23/2018 It wasn’t hard for me to come to terms with the idea of never leaving a copy of my genes behind as my legacy to the world. I mean, I am not some prize bull or pedigree dog whose claim to fame is their genetic profile. I … Continue reading

If These Walls Could Talk – Our Garden Shed

This short-short story was accepted by the Jonesborough Yarn Exchange for inclusion in their monthly radio show, this month’s theme being “If these walls could talk”.  Hope you enjoy. We four walls are a team, holding up this tin roof, but we were not always so. One of us used to be a garage door. … Continue reading

New twist on an old card game

Something for the heavy dark of winter. You all know the card game, “War”, I suppose.  Split the deck, simultaneously flip two cards, winner takes them both and puts them on the bottom of their half of the deck.  Whoever ends up with all the cards wins.  In the event of a tie, you do a … Continue reading

Coping with Toilet Paper

As a child I was told to take 3 squares of TP and fold them over parallel, so that they overlapped perfectly.  This would be the right amount to get the job done, without breaking, and not waste excess.  In the golden age of consumption, that worked well. Fast forward 50 years.  Now, while I … Continue reading

What a “Company” Should Be

Corporate America has lost touch with the original meaning of the word “Company”.  A company is a group of people with common interests and goals.  Leaders within the group gain the respect of the others by articulating clear visions of strategy, a policy, or a tactical plan, and thereby gain the support of the rest … Continue reading

Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs

I won’t waste time on the clichés like “don’t quit your day job”, or “expect the unexpected”, or the long hours you might have to work if things don’t go as planned, or that things never go as planned.  Instead, I want to write about the financial issues that may not have occurred to you, … Continue reading

Veggie, Vegan, or Green?

This blog is inspired by an article in the May 2014 National Geographic titled “The New Food Revolution”.  It’s about how we might hope to feed the 2 billion additional souls we expect the planet to support by 2050.  I’ll give you the raw scores first, then the commentary. In the USA we eat about 18% … Continue reading

How many motors?

My first visits to historic Williamsburg’s exhibits had me comparing today’s upper-middle class existence to the upper class of the 1700’s.  Life might not have been that different in quality.  Your circle of friends was closer.  Entertainment was live.  They had books, music, booze, parties, sex, and drugs.  Medicine was more primitive but it wasn’t … Continue reading

Sole Proprietor Exemption

Here is a (half-baked) idea to stimulate the economy and help people move from lower class poverty to middle class.  It addresses the barriers of intimidating red tape & authority, and the dis-incentive of letting go of disability, unemployment, and other forms of marginal income that people cling to. As things stand now, being a … Continue reading