Capabilities and Resources

Below is a partial list of capabilties and resources available to help develop local green enterprises.

Analytical Testing (Biodiesel etc.)

  • APHA Color Standards
  • Total Ash by Muffle Furnace
  • Sulfated Ash by ASTM
  • Glycerin % by titration
  • pH by meter or paper
  • Total Acid Number and soap content
  • Microscopes including photographic downloads
  • Melting Point
  • Flammability Testing
  • Viscosity

Tools (for use at MOI Labs or possibly as loans/rentals)

  • Shop tools — drill press, band saw, grinder, mini lathe, mini milling table, etc.
  • Glass blowing rig – have sold “icicles”
  • Electroplating rig – thought about plating leaves for jewelry
  • Some floor finishing equipment
  • Ovens, vacuum pumps, hot plates, wet chemistry, 7 fume hoods


  • Several big lots of boards at the MOI Labs that could be used to build picnic tables and benches etc.
  • Citric acid in bulk – used in canning
  • Collection of specialty printed and colored papers

Agricultural & Land Resources

  • 2000+ sqr feet of “rough” space at the MOI lab for pilot work (fire code on wood frame buildings does limit options however).
  • 4000+ sqr feet of roof space at MOI Labs for experimental solar panel work.
  • 800 sqr feet of developed garden space in Jonesborough that somebody could garden on for themselves or the food pantry (I’m not keeping up with my ambitions here);
  • An apple tree in Jonesborough which seems to produce in odd-numbered years now, and I can only get the bottom half (too heavy for ladder work).
  • Bamboo thicket in Jonesborough if you want to make rain sticks, a staff, or a few garden poles.


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