About Missing Octave

At this time, Dr. Gerald Keep has no professional affiliation and has retired to write.  The following are past ventures and affiliation

Missing Octave Insights, Inc., (MOII) was formed January 2004 as a technology development company, specializing in green and alternative applications of science. Dr. Gerald Keep, PhD Physical Chemist, President and owner of MOII, started this blog at TheMOInsights.wordpress.com about the collision of people, science, and nature, and how we can make a better world.

We have proudly served a number of clients, filling in the missing part of their team.  Some of our relationships are listed below.

MOI Labs, LLC – Green Technology Cleaning Supplies, became independent of MOII summer of 2014, still housed in the same building as MOII and provides some facilities support (if you wonder about the e-mail addresses, this is why).  Now a separate company under different management.

One Planet Technologies, LLC – MOII is one managing member in this firm, which provides engineering scale services in biodiesel, glycerin refining, flame retardant fibers, and other industries.  They are our likely vehicle for commercialization of new technologies (dependant on funding).

W2Fuel – A biodiesel company, we were contracted to set up a Quality Assurance laboratory, and provide technical support, 2011-2013.

Fiber Innovation Technology – Specialty fiber producer, supervised their pilot spinning operation 2003-2007.  Some shared technology from that period includes high temperature heat-set polyester fiber, a binder system useful for durable chenille yarns, thermoformable paper, and additive delivery for natural fiber fabrics, as well as improvements in PLA fiber processing.

Color and Additive Technology – Specialty color house serving the Dalton, GA carpet industry – provided them new product innovations.

3F, LLC – Licensed to do government contract work, they found us the government research contract below, and were the contracting agency.

Natick Army Soldier Research Center – Contracted with them for 2 years applying our flame retardant technology to combat uniforms.

Oak Ridge National Labs – Contracted with them to assess the usefulness and value of the myriad of lignin pyrolysis products.




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