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Foundering Valley – Chapter 40, Wednesday, June 18 – Lair of the Vile Ones

Chapter 40 – Wednesday, June 18 – Lair of the Vile Ones  The sun was rising in the east, casting long shadows across the burnt barrens.  The gully between their ridge and the cave-pocked escarpment was still an inky trench.  Raven puttered about the fire, tossing in wood and clattering the pots and pans.  Sapphire … Continue reading

Foundering Valley – Chapter 39, Tuesday, June 17 – Land of the Lizards

Chapter 39 – Tuesday, June 17 – Land of the Lizards  Animus was standing watch, and was enjoying the beauty of the crescent moon.  It was just a finger or so above the eastern horizon, which was not yet showing strong signs of the sun’s impeding arrival.  A slight noise behind caused him to whirl … Continue reading