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Foundering Valley – Chapter 38, Monday Afternoon, June 16 – Road Work

Chapter 38 – Monday Afternoon, June 16 – Road Work  Rufus stood in front of the inn, watching the crowd disperse.  The Earl had disappeared inside the castle with the latest poor souls he had summoned from the ether in a desperate attempt to control the elemental forces at work in the valley.  Shaking his … Continue reading


            They say if one person in the room is using glitter in their craft project, then everyone is.  I think I can do them one better.  True story follows.             It was my first year at Stanford in graduate school and there was going to be a Halloween party, with costumes.  I had the … Continue reading

Foundering Valley – Chapter 37, Monday Morning, June 16 – Dealing with Dwarves

Chapter 37 – Monday Morning, June 16 – Dealing with Dwarves  Grace slipped in the main castle gate a couple hours after dawn, eager to see how things were progressing in the lab, which was now fast becoming a clinic.  Rufus, Cleo, and D-Stract were left by the front door of the inn, unloading their … Continue reading