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Foundering Valley – Chapter 36, Sunday, June 15 – Two Hunting Expeditions

Chapter 36 – Sunday, June 15 – Two Hunting Expeditions.  “Wake up, sleepyhead!”  Flummox flipped back the corner of the blanket and tickled the toes thus exposed.  “Grumpfimuffle,” responded D-Stract, kicking and pulling the blankets up over her head.             “Well, I guess that’s an improvement in the sound-proofing department; you’ve been snoring like a … Continue reading

Foundering Valley – Chapter 35, Saturday, June 14 – Weddings on the Beach

Chapter 35 – Saturday, June 14 – Weddings on the Beach  Cleo wolfed down Spamwich’s breakfast offering, then followed Rufus to the market in search of more predictable fare.  The hawk rode on Rufus’s shoulder, and seemed nonplussed by the bustle of people.  The market was a model of fast efficiency this morning, as everyone … Continue reading