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Foundering Valley – Chapter 34, Friday Afternoon, June 13 – Lucky Afternoon

Chapter 34 – Friday Afternoon, June 13 – Lucky Afternoon  Grace and the two elves rounded the corner of the church.  As they passed by, someone hailed them from the front steps of the church, where two dark shapes were huddled out of the rain.  It was Scotty, with his bagpipes, and a smaller figure.  … Continue reading

Foundering Valley – Chapter 33, Friday Morning, June 13 – Rainy Morning

Chapter 33 – Friday Morning, June 13 – Rainy Morning  The adventurers assembled around a table in the front room of the inn.  It was raining heavily outside – quite a dreary morning.  They stared at each other for a few moments, with tired expressions on their faces.  D-Stract broke the silence.  “It’s Friday the … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Book 2 Begins, Chapter 32

Foundering Valley, Beginning of Book 2, Synopsis of Book 1 For you, Maggi, my newfound love, for those who have not read the first volume of this chronicle, for those who have put it down for some time due to the demands of life and could only now return, and for those confused by the … Continue reading