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Foundering Valley, Chapter 18, Saturday Afternoon, June 7 — The Festivities

Chapter 18 – Saturday Afternoon, June 7 — The Festivities  While there was much grumbling when the ship’s crew came ashore for the festivities, there was little surprise. The townsfolk were particularly pleased and relieved to see several barrels and crates being rolled or hoisted to the General Store, where Dahlia directed their placement. Their … Continue reading


Foundering Valley, Chapter 17, Saturday Morning, June 7 – Market Day

Chapter 17, Saturday Morning, June 7—Market Day  Flummox and D-Stract avoided Spamwich’s breakfast by heading out the back door of the inn. They crossed to the tailor shop to check on Upsie and the progress of D-Stract’s gown; all was well. Crossing back to the marketplace, they visited the covered market stalls first, under the … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Chapter 16, Before Dawn Saturday, June 7 — Coming Home

Chapter 16, Before Dawn Saturday, June 7— Coming Home  It was very early, with the sun beginning to glint off the highest clouds, when the group began to approach the Wither’s gate. Grace stopped, looking nervously ahead. “Does anyone have any of that salve of Dahlia’s?” Sapphire stopped and shook her head. “Anyone?” They all … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Chapter 15, Friday Evening, June 6

Chapter 15, Friday Evening, June 6  Leading the errant mules, the three adventuresses and one friar passed the gate to the Withers Estate heading east again, just as it was starting to get dark. The moon was not yet up, but there was an odd phosphorescence about the place.  In the dim shadows at the … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Chapter 14, Friday Afternoon, June 6

It was noon on Friday, and many of the citizens of Founder’s Valley had gathered around the front of the castle, in hope that the Earl would have a plan to save them. Already the rumors of the approaching pirate ship were running through the town.  A bit late, the Earl emerged from the main … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Chapter 13, Friday Morning, June 6

Chapter 13, Friday Morning, June 6 Early the next morning, D-Stract skipped breakfast, thinking about her figure, and headed to Ironborg’s tailor shop. Ironborg tried to listen to her while the two children howled and screamed in the back of the shop, despite their mother’s best efforts to keep them quiet. Finally, he lost patience … Continue reading

Foundering Valley, Chapter 12, Thursday Evening, June 5

The seven adventurers sat at a table in the front of the inn, staring at Spamwich’s most recent creation. It appeared that he had braided together jerky and green onion stalks, or maybe it was seaweed, impaled them on sticks, and coated them in a mysterious brown sauce. As a side dish, there was a … Continue reading