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Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019

            I’ve made a pizza a lot of different ways over the years, and this is my favored balance between ease of use and excellence.

My preferred dough is Pillsbury in a tube, that you get in the refrigerated section. The difference between thin and original crust is just the shape of the tube.

Preheat the oven to 440 (hotter than they say).

Spray a cookie sheet with PAM, then spread the dough out on it. You can play a little with stretching it out first (hanging, twirling, etc), but ultimately you’ll have to even it out with your fingers, repair any holes, and bunch up the edges like a pie crust.

Cook it for at least 6 minutes as they say, I prefer a bit longer, but don’t burn it.

Chop up the ingredients below as it cooks.

When cool enough to handle, paint the crust with one small can of tomato paste, using a tablespoon. This avoids the mold in commercial sauces that cause my hands to swell up.

Season with healthy doses of garlic powder and oregano, and possibly other seasonings. I use equal amounts of oregano and commercial “Italian” mix.

On the bottom goes the stuff that must simmer in the sauce – a diced onion, diced green pepper. Next the stuff not needing so much cooking – sliced mushrooms, olives, maybe some pineapple chunks. Then the proteins, all pre-cooked — diced ham, chicken, any old leftovers, and hot dogs cut into coins.

Next a thick layer of pre-grated Mexican cheese mix from a bag. We go through it fast enough to not mold, but watch out! Use a thick layer, and then pack it down a little. Yes, this is a very loaded deep-dish pizza.

Finally make a 4×6 array of pepperoni slices on top of the cheese. This helps guide the cutting of pieces, and is yummy.

Bake for 12 minutes, then cut with CUTCO™ kitchen shears.





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