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Mulled Apple Cider


Dr. Gerald Keep, Annoyed Scientist, 11/20/2019

            Traditionally mulled cider had over 6% added sugar which is fine for fattening the kids up before winter flu season. For adults it’s a little much, though. This recipe omits the sugar and we all think it’s just fine.

For one QUART apple juice

1 Stick Cinnamon (miniature parchment)

8 whole cloves (little spikey clubs)

8 whole allspice (smallish round balls)

But then, if you’re going to all this trouble, you probably will have bought a gallon of apple juice (“pulp in” is preferred) so you’re going to mull it all anyway. In case you’ve had too much holiday eggnog, here is what you get if you multiply by 4 (four quarts to a gallon, right?)

For one GALLON apple juice

4 Sticks Cinnamon

32 whole cloves

32 whole allspice

Put it all together in a big pot and let it simmer. As the night goes on, it gets stronger and stronger.

You’ll want a ladle and a tea strainer to fill individual mugs first night. Then, scoop out all the floaters and put the leftovers into the original cider jug (you did save it, right?) using a funnel. You can warm up a glass in the microwave anytime you’d like.



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