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If These Walls Could Talk – Our Garden Shed

This short-short story was accepted by the Jonesborough Yarn Exchange for inclusion in their monthly radio show, this month’s theme being “If these walls could talk”.  Hope you enjoy.

We four walls are a team, holding up this tin roof, but we were not always so. One of us used to be a garage door. One of us used to be a sheet of tin roofing, one a piece of plywood, one a table-top turned on its side.

Our first occupant was a goat, but that didn’t last long. We watched the Lady grow old as she tended her vegetable garden, storing her tools safe within us. After she left, there were often goings-on at the big house, and so many new brides stood at the top of the hill and gazed past us at the pond below. But then all was quiet, and we rested for a long while.

Then, the Man came and painted us proud red, like a barn. He started gardening again. He stored many things in our safe place inside – tools, gloves, a sun hat, flower pots, seeds, straw, peat moss, glass covers for the hot frame, stakes, twine, and baskets to collect the garden bounty. The geese from the pond gave him fits, trampling his young plants, until he put up a ring of wire humps that kept them out. It was funny to watch when the mowers came with their noisy riding tractors and tangled with the wire! When the baby geese arrived, there might be 30 geese all told, surrounding the garden and eating the fallen apples and peaches. Then Fox would come and the goslings that strayed too far began to disappear.

When the rabbit family came and began eating the Man’s beets and lettuce, he tried to set a trap, but we kept the bunnies safe from him and Fox. Instead, we sent Possum to be caught, and show the man his big white teeth. The man took away the trap.

Now we watch the tomatoes ripen and wonder if the Man will plant extra beets next year.


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