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Weird Physics

Abstract – A New Paradigm in Physics

A modern quantum physics perspective is applied to the interpretations given to foundation experiments from the early 1900’s; in many cases they fall short. An alternative set of self-consistent explanations that better fits our modern understanding of wave mechanics is presented

Light, being an electromagnetic wave, interacts with (in fact is carried by) every atomic system in its path, whether it is absorbed or not, leading to an average net loss of energy as it travels through space. This undermines the current interpretation of the Hubble red shift and the justification for an expanding universe as well as the Big Bang Theory. This also eliminates the need for most Dark Matter theories.

Electrons and Protons are seen to have equal and opposite charges since they are only anthropomorphically separated into two parts from the actual wave functions that are built up from zero-net-charge basis functions. In this view, a proton-electron pair is seen to comprise an excited state of a neutron. Since atomic wave functions extend to infinity, they overlap and interact, with this excitation energy potentially shared via combining wave functions into a lower and higher (bonding and non-bonding) energy state. This sharing of the electronic excitation of an idealized proton and neutron could be the basis of gravitational potential energy, with the notable consequence that gravity does not occur between all nucleons, but only between a neutron and a proton. This is indistinguishable from current theory by historic experimentation since gravitational bodies have a fairly constant neutron: proton ratio, but this alternative paradigm would explain the difficulty in finding a unified field theory. As a further consequence, a star composed of pure neutronium (i.e a black hole as currently envisioned) would be unstable since it lacks internal gravitational attraction, and would break apart as we see happening with supernovae and pulsars.

None of these concepts has been proven in a rigorous way but they are self-consistent and better represent the observed physical world than the view put together in the early 1900’s, which we still use today. At the very least, they open the door to a thorough reevaluation of the fundamental tenets of physics..

[© Copyright 2016 by Gerald Keep.  All Rights Reserved.]


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