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Tesla’s Nightmare

Okay, so imagine we collect solar energy on the bright side of the planet and, lacking adequate battery technology, we wire it to the dark side of the planet for their use too.  This continues as the Earth turns, with huge amounts of electrical current going round and round the equator daily.  Do this on massive scale and you’ve created a very big electro-magnet.

Is it possible for this activity to impact significantly the magnetic field of the earth?  Would climate change take a back seat to the damage we could do?  Could this even destabilize the Earth’s spin?

There is the mad scientist thought for you.  The rest of the calculation is left as an exercise for the student — and watch your minus signs, it might add to what we have, rather than subtract.

Bonus question to the ancient history conspiracy fans – has this happened before?

Personally, I think long before this happens, climate change will redistribute enough ice to change the Earth’s moment of inertia and introduce a wobble to the orbit.  But that’s another exercise for the budding physics students out there.


Since we use AC current, this is actually a trick question.  If Tesla had beat Edison, it would not be so.  Also, the mass redistribution bit is real.


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