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Welcome to www.MissingOctave.com

If you went to http://www.MissingOctave.com and found yourself here, and you wonder why, read on.

The history of our website evolution has been a prime example of planned obsolescence.  I began using Frontpage and a domain hosted on Yahoo.com to create the original http://www.MissingOctave.com website.  It has copies of our resumes, discussion of our scientific developments, photos from Science Olympiads past, and a host of fun things, including a huge library of photos of flowers and even a fun maze that lets you run from place to place in the garden.  I’ve published a few short stories there, and tucked in other creative goodies.

Yahoo stopped supporting Microsoft’s Frontpage extensions about 2009, so I lost the ability to update the website.  Then, before I could find a new host, Microsoft discontinued supporting Frontpage, and didn’t even have a next generation software option.  I bought new software that might or might not be able to translate my HTML files, but before I had time to delve into it, my Dell laptop died, and I got migrated to a Mac platform.  So here it is a handful of years later, and it has never seemed worth throwing away another a few hundred bucks of the business’s money in an attempt to update our resumes (and showcase my non-business hobbies).

Today we have a new roll-out coming up, related to Algae Farming, and the old website just won’t do.  So, as of today, the old website address is redirected to this blog.  Thank you Word Press, and I promise any loyal fans out there that I will find a way to make available again the fun stuff that is now inaccessible – my apologies.

Most of this blog will take on a bit more serious business tone, but don’t be surprised if some of the old fun stuff trickles in too.

Stay tuned!




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