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About our name

Missing Octave Insights, Inc, is an S-corporation based in Jonesborough TN.  Our latest mission is to facilitiate community-based green enterprises in this area.  We hope you will become a part of it.

But first, some history.  I was brought up believing that I was born with special gifts (as we all are) and that if I did not find and use them, it was a waste.  So what does this “Tigger do best”?  I’ve always brought a different perspective to everything I’ve tried — and if I didn’t, I wasn’t paying enough attention.  “Normal” makes me feel uncomfortable, like I’m wasting space as a xerox copy of somebody else.  I’m always trying to get beyond conventional wisdom.

So, when we incorporated our various family enterprises, we looked for a name that would apply equally to music and scientific consulting, business plans and creative writing — and which would convey our unique perspectives.

“Missing Octave” is a musical metaphor for a different perspective on life’s problems.  What voice in the choir is missing from your team?  Hence was founded “Missing Octave Insights, Inc.”  The acronym is sort of cute (french for “me, inc.”), but also a statement of peronsal responsibility for my own destiny.

In this blog you will find notes from our quest to make a difference to the world, and the business and personal adventures we have embarked upon, toyed with, or shied away from.  It will range from the crassly commercial to the sublimely philisophical.

I hope you find these ideas interesting for your own life, but also maybe inspire you to join us in this quest to make the world a better place by helping others turn dreams into reality.


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