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About our name

Missing Octave Insights, Inc, is an S-corporation based in Jonesborough TN.  Our latest mission is to facilitiate community-based green enterprises in this area.  We hope you will become a part of it. But first, some history.  I was brought up believing that I was born with special gifts (as we all are) and that if I did … Continue reading

Welcome to www.MissingOctave.com

If you went to http://www.MissingOctave.com and found yourself here, and you wonder why, read on. The history of our website evolution has been a prime example of planned obsolescence.  I began using Frontpage and a domain hosted on Yahoo.com to create the original http://www.MissingOctave.com website.  It has copies of our resumes, discussion of our scientific developments, photos … Continue reading