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New twist on an old card game

Something for the heavy dark of winter.

You all know the card game, “War”, I suppose.  Split the deck, simultaneously flip two cards, winner takes them both and puts them on the bottom of their half of the deck.  Whoever ends up with all the cards wins.  In the event of a tie, you do a “diddle”; deal two more face down and the third one is up – winner take all.

While waiting for a banjo to get tuned up (but that’s another story), my niece and I added a bunch of special functions to all the cards, and came up with quite an exciting, fast-paced game, that gave players some choices and actually came to a conclusion pretty quickly.

Ace – Hero or Champion – if tied, diddle 3 face down
King – if he wins, allows you to peek at the next two cards and choose which to play after you see the opponent’s move.
Queen – seduces (beats) the King
Jack – seduces (beats) the Queen
10 – Soldiers – expected on average to win, lose 1 random penalty card if you lose
9 – Miltia – expected to lose on average, claim 1 random bonus card if you win
8 – Crazy/Holy Man – automatically triggers a diddle
7 – Saboteur – beats any card (including an 8) of the same suit
6 – Assasin – “kills” choice of face card (royalty, JQK), it is replaced from owner’s hand (royal succession)
5 – Skirmisher – optionally, you may choose to replace this card with one from your own hand
4 – Entrenchment or Seige – both players add another card to the battle.
3 – Scout – calls for help.  Optionally,  you may add another card to the battle.
2 – Spy – beats Ace.

Note that it gets messy when you have multiple cards battling.  General rule, add up the value of the cards ranging 2 to 13.  Any card that “beats” another card present is upgraded to the value of it’s target plus 1.  So a Jack facing a Queen becomes 13 instead of 11, and so forth.  Anybody flipping an eight causes the whole thing to be replaced by a diddle.

Try it – hope you enjoy it.  Make up new rules, especially for the jokers and weird “advertisement” cards in your deck.  Mix two decks.  And remember, part of the game is recognizing and claiming any advantages your cards may have.  Your opponent is under no obligation to point out their own defeat!

As usual, remember us if you figure out a way to make big money off this!


One thought on “New twist on an old card game

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Posted by Renee | February 25, 2015, 12:53 pm

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