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Elevator Speech

Everybody that is trying to promote anything, be it a business or a point of view, needs to have a very short reply to the question “what do you do”?   This is called an elevator speech because you have someone’s attention for about the time of the elevator ride, and if you haven’t hooked their interest in that time, they’re gone.

An elevator speech, like any good story, needs to lead with a strong hook.  It needs to win the listener over emotionally, gaining both their respect and sympathy, and end with at least a suggestion of how the listener might be involved going forward.

I need to practise mine – we all do, continuously making them better.  Who knows who you might run into in an elevator, and how such simple networking may change the course of your life!

The Missing Octave Elevator Speech (rev. 1a):

Missing Octave Insights was formed to develop society-changing technologies, including fire barrier fabrics from recycle, ways to stop the paper plants from releasing hundreds of billions of pounds of green house gases each year, and a way to revolutionize liquid fuel production from algae.  Over our 11 years, we’ve worked with the DOE & Oak Ridge National Labs, the Natick Army Soldier Research Center, and various specialty fiber spinners and compounders.  We’re tired of the cyclic funding and are stabilizing our cash-flow by using our scientific background to set up a green technology cleaner and floor care supply company, MOI Labs.  We’re just now trying to grow our sales force and build up our customer base, as many different ways as we can.  From that stable base, we will then have the freedom to grow the other green technology solutions we have in the pipeline.


One thought on “Elevator Speech

  1. I will be building my “elevator speech” today! Thanks

    Posted by Mike of SSG | May 30, 2014, 11:33 am

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