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Elevator Speech

Everybody that is trying to promote anything, be it a business or a point of view, needs to have a very short reply to the question “what do you do”?   This is called an elevator speech because you have someone’s attention for about the time of the elevator ride, and if you haven’t hooked … Continue reading

Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs

I won’t waste time on the clichés like “don’t quit your day job”, or “expect the unexpected”, or the long hours you might have to work if things don’t go as planned, or that things never go as planned.  Instead, I want to write about the financial issues that may not have occurred to you, … Continue reading

Now seeking investors

Now seeking investors in a Green Technology Development company.  After a long R&D period, Missing Octave Insights, Inc. is ready to advance our business plans.  Short term focus is rolling out green cleaning supplies, floor finishes, and renewable paper products to replace harsh chemicals used in the Tri-Cities TN area.  We are also refurbishing used … Continue reading