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Socially Responsible Supply

Here is the latest vision of what we are doing with MOI Labs, a spin-off of Missing Octave Insights.  A worm’s eye view is that we are going to sell janitorial cleaning supplies and floor finishes, but the vision is so much more of that.

We are going to be the science nerds who evaluate every choice in the products we offer and present our customers with the best choices.  We will give them the most environmentally sound and socially responsible options.

Easy example is to encourage them with economic incentives to return our containers so we can refill them.  If their equipment wears out, we’ll take it and refurbish it.  If they use batteries, we’ll help recycle them, and get them on a recharge plan. And so on.

An interesting question – do you go with paper towels or electric hand dryers?  It’s not a given – Terry sold the idea of hand dryers to a school system that then put in their own solar energy, so in that case the energy cost is not an environmental negative, and the removal of paper products on both the supply side and from the sewer system is an ecological plus.  On the other hand, a renewable or recycled paper product may be a better choice than electric dryers powered by a grid consuming fossil fuels.

We’ll dig deep into the choices that are made that lead to our consumption of cleaning chemicals, paper products, floor finishes, equipment and procedures.  We have the lab to evaluate and reformulate when needed.  Ultimately we will expand our investigations, and commercial offerings, to include office supplies and anything else our clients need – and guide them to the best choices.

If finish A lasts twice as long as finish B, you reduce your consumption of finish over all.  If you use less of a harsh chemical in a particular cleaner, or floor stripper, then that is the better choice.

We’re beginning with business to business sales and direct delivery.  We’re going to expand to offer online sales, and eventually, as we get established, go for the retail outlet.  Keep Moving Forward.



One thought on “Socially Responsible Supply

  1. Well, while we’re on the subject of green cleaners, I wish so much that there could be a retail outlet(s) that I could bring my own container and refill them from a bulk machine, much like you would rice or granola. They are very popular on the west coast, and I believe there are enough of us in the Tricities that would like this option that we’d be willing to ‘travel’ a bit to get to it, taking friends and family members containers with us so as to cut down on the environmental tradeoffs of having to drive somewhere to get the product. That said, if you put them in Krogers or Earth Fare, Ingles or Food City, we wouldn’t have to travel anywhere that we dont already go to anyway. Best place? The Farmer’s Market! Let individuals be your sales people! They could offer your products at their own ‘kiosk’. I’d love to have green dish and clothing detergents, floor and bath cleaners, etc in my own containers. Think about it ok? Love what you’re doing!

    Posted by simpleintn | February 15, 2014, 11:25 am

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