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Where is this COLD coming from?

Not a few bloody noses have apparently resulted for snide comments made about Global Warming in the presence of normally peace-loving environmentalists with cabin fever from the cold.  Everybody is too cold to think all this through – let me give you my two cents.

I’ve said elsewhere that I think the phrase “Global Warming” is a bad choice.  We should be talking about “loss of buffering ice cap”.  Here’s why:

If you have a glass of ice-water and try to warm it up, it really won’t change temperature much, on average, as long as it’s stirred well, until all the ice is melted, at which point the temperature will begin to jump up quickly.  This is a good model of the Earth – mostly water and ice – and as all this solar energy pours in and is trapped by greenhouse gases, we are quibbling over fractions of degrees of warming while the ice caps disappear.

You’ve seen the CO2 curve over time, sharply curved up and climbing past 400ppm?  Well, the global ice is a mirror image, falling at an accelerating rate and passing the 30-percent-gone mark.  There is no question what is happening.  The only legitimate argument one could have is whether or not humans are to be “blamed” for it, or whether it’s sun spots or volcanos or whatever.  Personally, I hope we’re the cause, since that gives us a better chance of changing what’s we’re doing to get it back in control.  We had better figure out how to get it in control, before we boil off like Mars did.

Anyway – the arctic clippers we’re getting….  Clearly something has moved the jet stream, whether that’s permanent or temporary.  Maybe it’s just a weather cycle connected to sunspots and volcanos.  Maybe it’s getting less stable, with falling ice, and is jumping around more.  Whatever — we in the USA are getting a blast of arctic ice while the rest of the globe is hotter than average.  The same jet stream giving us extra-cold air, is sucking other people’s air north from the tropics, warming them, then sending it on up to the pole, where it drops it’s heat into the north polar ice cap, and then comes barreling down towards us as the frozen north wind.

Yes, that cold you feel is the ice caps melting, baby!


One thought on “Where is this COLD coming from?

  1. Global warming really isn’t a good descriptor Gerald, and so now environmentalists and climate scientists prefer “Climate Change” which is truly more appropriate to what’s happening to our climate. Thanks for your description though of the ice in the glass-it’s perfect!

    Posted by simpleintn | January 30, 2014, 2:54 am

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