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The MOI Labs (Jansan) Brochure

This little brochure (in draft) about our Janitorial Services and Supply business should give you an idea what we’ve decided to throw our muscle behind as a first project.  The plan is to get started with a few contracts, since this is a business Terry knows.  Expand our formulation and mixing capabilities, come up with new, better, greener formulations, and then market them back to the big supply houses.  Wish us luck.

MOI Labs is just one program within Missing Octave Insights.  There will be other programs running in parallel, such as the Analytical Labs thing, the lignin thing, flame retardants thing, the renewable energy thing, and so forth, depending mostly on how our resources and team of people develop.


MOI Labs
Bringing the latest in Cost-Effective Green Technology
to your Cleaning and Floor Care Needs

  • – Sourcing
  • – Formulation
  • – Packaging
  • – Application
  • – Disposal
  • – Administration
  • – Innovation

MOI Labs – Jansan Program
Our materials are bought in bulk, and blended and packaged on site whenever possible to reduce costs.

We formulate with the most cost-effective technologies for reducing our environmental footprint, and exposure of our community to noxious chemicals.  Always, an awareness of the final disposal of our products is paramount in our formulation work.

As a distributor for national brands, as well as blender of our own mixtures, we use the best formulations we know of – and offer them for sale to the local building service industry.

Our refill program brings you reduced cost and environmental footprint.  Return empty containers in good condition with the seal intact for credit, and we will be able to refill them directly.

We apply our floor coatings with labor-saving equipment to reduce costs and speed up the job.  We recycle & refurbish used equipment, which we use and/or offer for sale to local end-users.

Our flexible crews are available for odd jobs and emergency cleanups.  If we can’t do a job ourselves, we can find you someone who can!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

MOI Labs is a division of Missing Octave Insights, Inc., an innovative enterprise located in Jonesborough, TN.

Our 6000 sf facility at 606 Depot St. serves as corporate headquarters, research, development, and analytical laboratory, and distribution and warehousing center.  We have a loading dock, fork truck, and pallet jacks available on site.


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