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With the graying of the baby boomers, there are going to be a lot of people needing more help than they used to need.  It is also hard to find reliable people to help you these days.

I’m proposing a General Services business, where, whatever the need, from grocery shopping to finding a plumber, from cleaning house to walking dogs, we could be the one-stop-shop or brokerage house.  We in turn would then contract with a primary provider to come out and serve the client.  In a pinch, we’d recruit helpers and do it ourselves when we absolutely had to.

We need to develop a large enough client base that the contractors will take us seriously.  It’s sort of like collective bargaining, where there is a lot more business at stake for the contractor than just one residential household.  We might handle the billing function for them.  We might not even have to add and up-charge for our services, if the contractors will give us a commission on sales for them.  This in turn would then help us build up a network of preferred, reliable contractors.

This would be synergistic with our running crews for other business enterprises like the floor finishing business.  The more flexible crews we have, the more we can move around and cover different needs.

What’s missing?  A person or two with the passion to serve as the central nervous system to such an organization.  It could be very frustrating, but also very fulfilling as it directly serves the needs of the community.

I think there’s a future in this.


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