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Purchasing Co-ops

Why don’t we do this more?

Anything that is cheaper in bulk, be it Mason Jars, Rice & Dried Beans, Cloth, Fertilizer, garden seeds, anything.

Is the problem lack of starting capital?  Lack of distribution point?  Lack of trust?

A lot of that can be gotten around by using the resources we have here at MOI Labs in Jonesborough.  As long as we don’t get into food preparation issues (which gets into a legal inspection thing), or have storage issues like vermin-proofing or refrigeration.

Unfortunately, the first bulk purchase place that comes to mind is the evil giant WAL-MART, so this may be robbing Peter to pay Paul, but somebody could do a little research if they were serious.

Not only does this idea save money, it also saves on resources to package everything individually.


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