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Blog and Writing History

I was 8 years old when I told my Dad I wanted to be a writer, and he told me I had to do some living before I’d have anything to write about.  My next writing project to see the light of day was my PhD Thesis (Physical Chemistry), and the papers that spun off that.

After that, I spun out quite a few Science Fiction short stories (though no publisher ever optioned one) and in the process read a lot about the writing business, went to workshops, and was part of a critique group, but as they say, the first million words you write are crap.  Hopefully I’ve passed that milestone by now, and what I write is worth reading.

My first full length book was a non-fiction treatment of my family’s 5-year battle with my late wife’s liver disease.  I wrote it on my therapist’s advice, saying he knew a lot of people that would benefit from it.  It was certainly theraputic for me.  After running through over 60 publishers and agents, I finally found an agent that read it.  Their response was, “You write well and your subject is very moving, but this would be difficult to sell so I’m not going to represent you”.  Evidently, publishers will only put up their money if they can get it back in the first 2 weeks on the shelf.  This will only happen if you ALREADY are known on the national scene.  I self-published this one as “Today’s Stoic, Tomorrow’s Hero?” and put it on Amazon.  Amusingly, there are more second-source listings offering used copies now than there are copies I actually sold!

My second book is the environmentalist book for middleschoolers, “People of the Red Tide”, the story of a young whale.  I just went to self-publishing this one directly.

I’ve drafted and started several others.  I want to use writing as a way to raise people’s awareness of environmental issues.  I see doing for environmental science what John Grisham did for practising law.  The most advanced fiction project is about environmental catastrophe in a ficticious breakaway Russian republic.

My first attempt at blogging came when I set up a website for my new consulting business – you can still see some humor and informative articles there at http://www.MissingOctave.com, but I was using my own direct html editing.  More interesting on that website are some of the flower pictures and the maze game.  There was little point in updating this – no readership, no target audience, no focus.

The vision for this new blog came about as part of refocusing the mission of our business, Missing Octave Insights.  After so many frustrations with industrial-scale development partners, we’re taking our fate into our own hands and planning to directly offer green technology solutions to the public.  Hence, this is partly about building interest in what we can do as a business to make something valuable to society.

The blog was initiated December 17th, 2013.

We got our first follower December 19th. (Welcome Nick1074 – not to be confused with my son “Nic”.)

Today I expect to finish at least one article in every topic category, and then announce that I’m bloging on Facebook.

And so the adventure begins.


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