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Weird Physics

About Weird Physics

Why am I setting up this category?  This is the pigeon hole for stuff I find to be cool, but have no idea how it can ever make a positive difference in anybody’s life.  Maybe you can find a way….

But I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about certain stuff I learned and/or figured out “back on The Farm” – Stanford University that is.  You see, I am a certified Quantum Mechanic (PhD, Physical Chemistry) and rose to the top, even standing in for professors as a teaching assistant, to lecture to graduate level classes on quantum mechanics.  But coming at this stuff as a chemist instead of a physicist, I have a bit different perspective, and am not a “member of the tribe” that is supposed to be an authority on this stuff.

A lot of modern physics is very useful and inciteful but there is a huge piece of it which is, to put it delicately, ivory tower bullshit.  Certain branches of physics have become based in faith and not science, and the tribe is hostile to anyone who questions their tenants – which they preach are beyond our ability to understand.  I wonder what it would take to find a voice for change (being an outsider) what level of hostility I’ll encounter when I threaten their cushy pseudo-science theories (and jobs), and whether the mysterious men in black suits and dark glasses might show up on my door and make me dissappear (if it happens that any of my ideas are right).

But what the heck, I’ll park this stuff on a blog which is mostly going to be about green technology and environmental science, and maybe it will go unnoticed until I’m safely 6-feet under.

And, maybe I’ll admit, there is a tiny piece of me that resents those guys hypocritically feeding at the public trough, and maybe I want to see the anthill come alive if I poke it with a sharp enough stick.  Scary, thoughts though.


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